For Students

The Giving Tree of Education is one of the primary reasons why people invest in toy construction blocks. Because of this reason, we would like to provide a little bit of a push along the way.  At the end of each year, our team will draw four names.  These four names will receive a total summation of 1% of our total profits, to be allocated to a college plan or to pay for a student loan.  Yes, 1% of our profits will be divided among four of our customers for one purpose only, to grant you a little peace of mind in pursuing your educational dreams or those of your loved ones.  If the winner does not have the need for either use, then the winner may nominate another person who may use the award prize as intended.  These earnings will be reported to the Internal Revenue Service; therefore the persons receiving the award are fully responsible for taxable prizes.

Customers are encouraged to register with us upon purchase of their sets.  Each purchase must be entered separately in order to secure a chance to earn  a quarter of our 1% profit.  The more sets you purchase, the greater your chances to win.  Customers can register from a mobile phone, a tablet or a personal computer.  It is suggested that the registration is done from a secure point.

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