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The word HADALI means Sun.  It was the expression used by the Arawak people, in the pre-colombian era, to describe one of the most incredible power sources in the universe.  The sun is our source of energy, one of the building blocks for food, life and existence.  It has been the building block for our adventures across seas as well as a driver for our explorations across the history of humanity.  Sun is the symbol of energy, light and one of the most valuable building blocks in the universe.  We dream of touching the sun, but we do, each day. 





Made from polylactic acid, the HADALI blocks body are made from sustainable material.  This means that on the day the toy is no longer needed, you may either dispose of it in your recycling bin or simply send it back to us, where we will reuse it.  Sustainability is a key characteristic in our product, which integrates bio-material such as corn starch, tapioca roots and sugar cane.  We have taken to great lengths to ensure that our product has the smallest possible impact on the environment.


Choking hazard measures were taken into the design of the product.  Each block was designed to exceed choking hazard regulations as well as other safety regulations.  Its patent pending design locks the magnets behind the walls of the blocks; therefore in our blocks, you will not find any seams or joints.  These measures ensure that children, as young as 1 year of age will not be jeopardized for playing with a construction block.  Sit back and allow them to delve into serious abstract thinking.  

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HADALI's educational toy construction blocks aim to provide your child with a wealth of educational values.  One side provides early literacy skills, such as the alphabet, coupled with some shapes associated with the respective letters.  On another side, our product provides strong STEM values, associated with magnetism, basic math, physics, geometry, etc.  Looking at the initial interaction with the world, your child will learn about colors, including primary, secondary and their respective derivatives.  Another value proposition provides the suitable design to support abstract divergent thinking; as blocks interlock with one another the configurations are only bound by imagination.