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Product Information

  • This product meets choking hazard safety requirements.
  • This product contains metal inserts.
  • This product contains magnets.  Swallowing magnets can be fatal.  If magnets are swallowed, call your doctor or get emergency medical treatment immediately.
  • Do not throw product towards faces.
  • Do not place the product near fire.
  • To clean the product, wipe it with a dry towel.
  • Excess impact of force may damage the product and cause injury.  Contact Hadali regarding any damaged or broken product.  Keep damaged products away from infants, toddlers and children.
  • A harmless odor may be noticed when first opening the product.
  • This product contains magnets.  Do not place near credit cards or electronic devices, including mobile phones, computers, monitors, TVs, portable storage devices, etc.
  • Product use not recommended in environments or climates that exceed 80F of humidity in excess of 90%.
  • Do no place in liquid.
  • To minimize the risk of cracking or damaging the product, do not use outdoors.
  • Do not give packaging materials to a child.