Protecting nature


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Protecting Nature

Wood should be safekept.  Trees are a valuable asset in our planet, home to animals and bearers of fruits.  Trees should be protected from some manufacturing goods, so that future generations can enjoy their greatness.  Manufacturing wooden toys is exciting, receiving them could at times be nostalgic but this comes at a cost.  The question remains whether a true cost analysis has been conducted prior to the elimination of a tree and post production.  Perhaps the tree was not replaced upon being harnessed for its wood.  Or maybe the tree was home to several animals.  Finally, has anyone considered the rate at which the tree population is replenished.  For this reason, Hadali promises to protect nature by employing polymers made from renewable materials.  

A recent study suggested that since the beginning of agriculture, some 12,000 years ago up to now, we have lost 46% of our planet's arbor population.  Moreover, each year close to 15.3 Billion trees are felled, that's 15,300,000,000.   Dr. Thomas Crowther, a Marie Curie Fellow at  the Netherlands Institute of Ecology notes that loss of trees impacts the climate, biodiversity and the well-being of humanity.

Hadali Toys manufactures its blocks from bio-polymers.  Biopolymers are plastics manufactured from renewable resources, including corn starch, tapioca roots, sugar cane and other materials.  These materials are easier to biodegrade, they are 100% recyclable and pose a lesser risk to animals and their respective habitats.