HADALI Blocks - 26 Piece Set

HADALI Blocks - 26 Piece Set


This 26 piece set provides hours of joyful entertainment for the entire family. 

Apollo Capsules - 2

Cube - 8

Quarter Arc - 2

Large Rectangle - 1

Equilateral Triangle – 3

Rectangular Slab – 4

Right Triangle – 3

Quarter Circle – 2

Transitional Part - 1

Tin Box - 1

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Hadali magnetic toy construction blocks are designed for children ages 1 and up with safety and education as the leading design priorities.  Our patent pending magnetic toy construction blocks are made from PLA, a sustainable polymer made from a variety of organic products such as tapioca roots, corn starch or sugar cane.   This benefit allows for safe handling, cleaning and disposing.  

Considering the safety needs of our kids, Hadali Toys does not integrate any additional paint into its first level design therefore reducing Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs) impact to your child’s play.     

To be clear, our blocks integrates four components which are: magnets, PLA, a bit of arts and crafts glue and your creativity.   Creativity is contagious…so watch out. 

Hadali’s magnetic toy construction blocks apply its patented design for magnet placement within the construction blocks using additive manufacturing.  By doing so, the magnets are safely secured within the walls of the blocks preventing these from being dislodged.  Added to this incredible safety feature the blocks exceed the measurement dimension standards for the U.S. Standard Consumer Safety Specifications for toy safety.   Finally, the toy construction blocks meet the flux or magnetic strength guidelines of the ASTM F963 toy safety standard.