Hadali Bunny Set - 11 Pieces

Hadali Bunny Set - 11 Pieces


The Hadali Bunny burst into the scene during Easter.  Yet, one is not quite sure, whether it is a Bunny, a Hare, a Snail or something else.

This set includes 11 pieces in your choice of colors:

  • 4 x Transitional pieces - L shaped
  • 2 x Quarter Circles
  • 2 x Quarter Arcs
  • 1 x Cube
  • 1 x Apollo Capsule
  • 1 x Rectangular Slab
  • 1 x Cotton Pouch

This set comes in a cotton pouch, accompanied  by assembly instructions.  Each set yields 3% towards non-profit efforts.

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Our blocks are 3D printed and made from bio-degradable/compostable plastics.  Our material is made from sustainable resources, so your kids' kids will not find our blocks in their backyards.

Note: this picture is a rendering.  Surface finish of the blocks provides a sensory experience.  This is an experience differing from most toys which aim to yield a smooth surface.    

Our blocks are manufactured in the Nutmeg State aka The Constitution State.