For Kids, For Families, For The Community, For the Future

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Interlocking our interests with your interests is only natural.  Our intent to create and provide you with an incredible construction block does not end at the retail counter.  This is why, we at Hadali, aim to continue fostering our relationship with you by adding value to the lives of our customers and the communities where we are a part of.  This is our promise to you and to ourselves, to always support the dreams of our customers. 

For Students



The Giving Tree of Education is one of the few areas where investment is always rewarded.  For this reason, every year, HADALI TOYS will take 1% from its profits and donate them to four customers, yes, right back to our customers.

1% of our profits will be granted back to a special number of our customers.  These funds can be utilized to either pay current student loans, or to start a college plan for your child, grandson, godson or loved one. 

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for Motor Skills


Each year, HADALI TOYS will take 1% from its profits and allocate them to special organizations dedicated to the improvement of motor skill development of our citizens, from ages 0-99.  

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For the Community


A strong future requires a strong foundation.  HADALI TOYS promises to support pre-school and elementary school programs across the nation.  HADALI TOYS promises to employ some of its profits to provide school supplies for schools and communities in need at the start of the school year.