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Sustainable By Design


Sustainable By Design...

   Our blocks aim to create an impact beyond promoting creativity in our children.  We do this in the way that materials are employed.  We consider the cleanliness of our planet and the future of our primary customers to be a key criteria in the design of our product.  For this reason, we have designed Hadali to employ bio-polymers.  These bio-polymers employ a naturally occurring substance called lactic acid.  This ingredient, lactic acid,  can be produced from sustainable sources such as sugar beets, corn starch, soy, tapioca roots and other sources.  This means that come the end of life of the product, your child's child will not find the blocks in their backyard.

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When comparing Polylactic Acid (PLA) to other polymers, such as Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), a petroleum based polymer, which is found worldwide across numerous applications including the toy industry, PLA holds numerous environmental advantages.  ABS, a material widely employed in the toy industry, has been known to last 20-30 years in the ocean floor.  In contrast, PLA's natural consistency limits its life to 2-3 years in the ocean floor.

PLA is also a compostable material, a solution which is not provided by other materials.

So, why Hadali? Because what happens after playing is over is important.